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Rohit J Kapoor’s  artistic expression is fuelled with an intent to initiate an analytical yet emotionally fluid art dialogue that breaks divisive boundaries and integrates the catalytic impressions where art and life influences collide and ricochet their separate ways in the unfolding of the artistic process.


 The artist’s multidisciplinary compositions display a strong attention to colour, usage of which is beyond mere compositional but a dominant contribution to the highly emotional nature of the artworks where moods of monastic austerity and baroque high camp alternate in discerning rapidity and an impressionable interplay between raw and structured theatrical poetic imagery becomes visible.

 He has actively exhibited as well as curated several dialogue based art exhibits and fundraisers since 2016.

All art images, literary content displayed on the website are the intellectual property of the artist and cannot be used in any way without the written consent of Rohit J  Kapoor Studio AD.


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