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Art for me is a layered experience.

It is a reflection of my past, my present and what I long to be...It is my ode to life.

I see it everywhere - In the silent expressions of a person conveying emotions that no words can ever emote; In the formless breeze of the night which tenderly strokes all as it simply passes by.

My artistic expression is fueled with a sense of urgency in initiating a dialogue based on a analytical yet fluid sense of observation encompassing various facets of life ranging from sacred sexuality, bordello, philosophy, culture, human existential paradox to depicting life as a mere spectator.

An artist by default with prior work experience of diverse fields from construction to fashion buying in the work arena, the intent is to integrate the impressions of all previous interwoven work influences to propel and converge inherent creative abilities and breaking all restrictive barriers and impressions in the unfolding of the creative process.

The creative intent is to initiate an art dialogue that breaks barriers and crosses over into the in between spaces where art and life converge only to recoil and ricochet their separate ways in seeking its narrative voice.

Abstract expressionism intertwined and merged with transient emotions in exploring parallels of energy within and around us, devoid of space and time is from where my art finds its inspiration.

All art images, literary content displayed on the website are the intellectual property of the artist and cannot be used in any way without the written consent of Rohit J  Kapoor Studio AD.



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