A non linear art dialogue that seeks to break barriers and crosses over into the in between spaces where art and life converge in seeking it's narrative voice integrating artistic expression with varied thematic influences ranging from sacred sexuality, bordello, philosophy, culture, human existential paradox to depicting life as a mere spectator.

Rohit J Kapoor an artist-curator with experience of diverse fields from construction to fashion buying in his work portfolio, integrates the impressions of all previous and acquired interwoven life influences to propel and converge creative sensibilities with visual aesthetics and conceptual development to alchemize the creative process.

The intent is to explore and bring forth creative stimulus beyond confines of any particular medium, art style. The process ranges from impulsive to thought over detailed subjects to exploring minimalistic zen inspirations.

Rohit J Kapoor Studio AD bespoke art solutions are structured on an intense belief that "art initiates a reciprocal dialogue with the space, design it cohabits".

From concept to execution; to reinventing and realigning spaces, the studio provides an integrated art solution.

All art images, literary content displayed on the website

are the intellectual property of the artist and cannot be used in any way without the written consent of Rohit J  Kapoor.